The Mother of All FDA Fails

The FDA has never required drug safety assessment for fetal germline impact, even though FDA staff understand that gestational exposures can adversely affect developing germ cells. We must end this catastrophic omission, while also granting all Americans access to their own prenatal medical records.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Tells My Story

Many thanks to science writer Mark Roth for his article today, "Can autism be triggered in future generations?"  He opens with a brief description of my story and hypothesis and then delves into some of the new thinking about environmental exposures and germline epigenetics.

The accompanying article features a family with multiple kids with ASD.  That mom, like me, had been exposed in utero to "fertility" hormone drugs.  Coincidence?  Oh, I certainly do not think so.

And did I mention that the last two autism moms I had coffee with both had similar prenatal exposures in the 1960s?

Surely... just... one... giant... coincidence!

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  1. Hi Roger, thanks for checking in on my blog! Anne Dachel is 100% right about the horror of the autism megacatastrophe, and she deserves a Nobel Prize for trying to wake up the slumbering world about it. However, her mania for the vaccine hypothesis is wildly counterproductive, and has turned her, unfortunately, into a bit of a laughingstock. She seems like a smart person, she'll figure things out over time....