The Mother of All FDA Fails

The FDA has never required drug safety assessment for fetal germline impact, even though FDA staff understand that gestational exposures can adversely affect developing germ cells. We must end this catastrophic omission, while also granting all Americans access to their own prenatal medical records.

Germline Disruption Hypothesis of Autism in the News

I've had quite a few requests for places people can go for news about the Germline Disruption Hypothesis of Autism.  Here are some:

July 2013, Environmental Health News: Onslaught of autism: A mom's crusade could help unravel scientific mystery

July 2013, NIH Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee: Autism: Germline Disruption in Personal and Historical Context, (15-minute video)

August 2013, San Francisco Chronicle: Mother's Quest Could Help Solve Autism Mystery, 

August 2013, Autism Speaks Blog: A Grandmotherly Clue in One Family's Autism Mystery,

September 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Can Autism Be Triggered in Future Generations?

Also, many scientific presentations relating to the topic of epigenetics of germline disruption are archived at


  1. I was recently sent a link to this article.It isn't about autism,it's about Multiple Sclerosis,but it's all about epigenetics,epigenetic inheritence,methylation,and even vitamin D.You will find it very interesting.There are a lot of mothers with MS who have children with autism.This just proves that people who work with other diseases involving the brain are more willing to accept this stuff than those that work with autism,and as a result,autism research is way behind research in MS or schizophrenia.

  2. Note the article is from 2011.You need to follow this blog.

  3. Roger, you are so right about autism research being way behind efforts relating to other disorders. It's truly unbelievable that in 2013 the mainstream autism research community continues to emphasize the "genes" OR "environment" approach, as if our genes cannot be affected by environment!

    I often feel much autism research is lost in the swill of the dark ages, wasting everyone's time and money, and all for naught. What's even worse is the presumption that a unitary disorder called "autism" even exists -- it emphatically does not, it is ALWAYS SIMPLY SYMPTOMOLOGY SECONDARY to many other underlying conditions/disruptions. Thanks for writing.